How to Configure our Backup Mail Service

Once you have ordered your backup mail service from us and we have confirmed that it has been activated, you will need to add 3 additional MX records to the DNS entries for your domain.

In simple terms, MX records specify which servers are responsible for accepting mail for your domain. Each MX record has a priority. The record with the lowest priority will be tried first, then all subsequent MX records will be tried in increasing order of priority until one is found that will accept the message.

When adding the additional records, you should ensure that your primary mail server has the lowest priority, followed by our 3 servers in order of mx1, mx2 and mx3.

The example priorities in the table below assume your primary server has a priority of 5.

Host Priority 10
20 30

If you require any assistance setting up your DNS records, or you would like us to verify your installation to ensure it is correct, please contact our Support Team.

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